Regardless of your starting point, prognosis, or past.
You can heal from within!
Regardless of your starting point, prognosis, or past.
You can heal from within!
Regardless of your starting point, prognosis, or past.
You can heal from within!
1 in every 2 people develop cancer today and 50% die regardless of treatments.

All human beings can develop cancer, here's why:
Cancer grows in response to chronic stress - stress can accumulate in our body and trigger cancer cell development. 
The science behind this is explained in great detail in Paul's Book:
The Root Cause of Cancer.

Wheel of Life's Heal From Within Residency guides people through a 21-day cancer reversal process,
 where no treatments or methods for destroying cancer are used. It was developed through working with people who had already tried
 everything else to heal and were told nothing more could be done. Yet despite this prognosis, with each clients will to heal from within along with Paul's guidance, their cancer began reversing.

Clients in the 21-day residency focus entirely on healing from within by addressing everything from life-circumstances or life-challenges they may have, to healthy lifestyle factors, emotional healing, and more - a total personal transformation.

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 For many, an encounter with cancer has left a painful wound in the heart. 

At Wheel of Life, we invite you to remember that everyone does the best they can with the awareness 
and capability they have, moment to moment, for all of life. 
Every cancer patient. Every health professional. Every family member, every love in our lives and we ourselves.

Our empathy goes out to all the millions of people who have been affected by cancer.
Our deep gratitude goes out to everyone who has ever encountered cancer and tried to learn and heal.

It is from your efforts - and any amount of progress you made - that brings us one step closer to understanding cancer, 
so that we gain control over it.

Paul Leendertse
BSc Kinesiology 
CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Founder of Wheel of Life Health Center
Author of The Purpose of Cancer Cells

I have been practicing as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach for 16 years, helping individuals with a wide-variety of health challenges, including clients who want to transform their life through personal growth, lifestyle changes, and evolving their consciousness. 

I had a lot of success helping clients with migraines, weight loss, body pain, and other challenges. However, when I encountered cancer within my family, all the knowledge I had and the tools I was trained with back then, were not enough. 

Two family members died months apart, despite using a wide range of traditional and alternative protocols for cancer; chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, vitamin therapies, natural remedies, and much more.

This painful experience led me to realize that something was missing in the mainstream understanding of cancer.

I realized there was a possibility that cancer may not be a random mutated cell that we must destroy, but rather, it could have a purpose. Since then it has become clear that cancer does have a purpose - both physiologically, and spiritually.

Now, Aafter working with many stage 3 and 4 cancer patients who were told nothing else could be done for them - yet they began reversing their cancer with my guidance - my theory about cancer has become a fact for both my clients, myself, and many other individuals.

The fact is:

Cancer grows in response to chronic stress, and when that stress is resolved, cancer goes away naturally.
Aria Konrad
Co-Founder of Wheel of Life
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Bodyworker Spa & Wellness,
Planetary Massage Practitioner
Yoga Instructor

It's near to my heart to support others along their path of reconnection and healing from within.

Throughout my life I've noticed disconnection amongst people - especially in our western society - not only from one another, but from themselves.

I was one of them.

I was unhappy, unsatisfied with my life and had severe health challenges. I tried a wide range of different approaches to healing but nothing seemed to make a difference. Only when I began turning my consciousness inwards, spending time alone, shedding beliefs that were not serving me and connecting deeply to my heart, I started healing. I did not only gain back my health - I found happiness, freedom and peace.

Through bodywork, meditation, and breathwork, I help connect clients to their inner truth and bring them closer to a state of wholeness and authenticity.

My role at Wheel of Life is to help you feel at home and support in your self-healing.
Chantal, ON, Canada
     "I went to Wheel of Life's Overcome Cancer Residency Program, and it was a revelation for me. Through life-coaching, self-exploration, meditation, a calm place to be, connection to nature, play and good fun, I felt revived. This place was an oasis of wholeness and goodness. 

     I feel empowered, happy, alive, and most of all, cancer free. I realize that my cancer helped me grow into a stronger, happier person and now I can be grateful for it." 
Lorna, ON, Canada
     "I had given up after years of treatments using chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. I had Stage 4 cancer that was 'terminal'. I was told I'd be in a wheelchair within two months and not survive much longer beyond that.

     Now, six years after attending Wheel of Life's Self-Healing Retreat, and applying all I've learned, I'm happy to say that I am far from being in a  wheelchair. I've gained 30 pounds of my healthy weight back and I am cancer-free. My life has transformed. 

     Paul - thank you for helping me gain control of my life!"
Heather, ON, Canada
     "This was an amazing opportunity to be completely immersed in a whole new way of looking at health and healing. To have such a unique and personalized program was amazing.

     Thank you doesn't begin to express my gratitude!"

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