2-Day Retreat


Get away from the routine of life and tap into the healing power of your freedom.  Recapture your motivation for all that matters to you.


Breathe, while you build energy participating in the restorative health practices  offered during your stay.

Personal Growth

Depart energized and wiser; in more control of your  health, and better-equipped for the journey of life.


1. Food

  • All included and provided: Paleo or Vegan.
  • ​Organic Whole-food: mixture of raw and cooked.
  • 5 Meals: Look forward to dinner on your first night after you arrive. Next day, enjoy breakfast lunch and dinner again. On your last day enjoy another lovely breakfast.

2. Choose Your Room

  • Single Bed:  Private room for yourself ($$$)
  • ​Double Bed: Share a bed & room with a friend or partner ($$)
  • Communal: Our largest room is designed for 4 people - 2 single beds, and 1 double bed ($)

3. Choose Your Topic

  • 2 Hour Class: We'll email you before your retreat, asking each participant their 3 most ideal learning objectives about health and life-challenges. Based on the overall interest of the attending group we'll design a customized 2-hour class full of valuable knowledge you'll take home with you.

4. Build Energy

  • Two Morning Rituals: Each of two mornings together, the retreat group will meet in the Group Space, and participate in energy-building routines that have a positive-impact on your entire day. You can then use these practices in your daily life if you wish.

5. Still Your Mind

  • Learn and Practice Meditation: Learn techniques for calming the nerves of the body, and the thoughts of the mind. 

6. Movement

  • 1 Hour Exercise Class: Participate in a customized group-exercise routine. You will be able to choose your intensity: low, moderate, or high intensity movements. You can also pass,  and relax on your own in your room or outside.

7. Ceremony

  • Healing Circle: On the main evening of your stay we will guide the group through a special, customized healing ceremony that will involve a variety of experiences including sound healing, breathwork, and more.

8. Forest Walk 

  • Nature: Reap the benefits of nature and fresh air as we walk, relaxed, through the 60-acre forest that surrounds us.

9. Secret

  • Advanced Tools for Health and Well-being: You will learn and participate in more of our advanced tools for personal growth and life-navigation. Our goal is for our retreats to be life-changing!
For more information and booking: contact@wheeloflife.ca

7 person maximum, pricing as follows:

  • 7 Persons: approximately $400 per person
  • 6 Persons: approximately $450  per person
  • 5 Persons: approximately $ 500 per person
  • 4 Persons: approximately $550  per person
  • ​3 Persons: $ 600 per person
  • 2 Persons: $ 900 per person
  • ​Personal Coaching and Privacy:  $2000 

1. Some pricing is "approximate" because we have different room options to choose from.