2-Day Retreat


Get away from stress or the routine of life and tap into the healing power of your freedom. 


Regenerate as you learn and practice advanced health principles that create and sustain health. 

Personal Growth

Learn how to navigate health and life-challenges that can keep you from reaching your potential.


Day 1

Arrival: 7:30pm
Opening Circle: 8:00pm
Day 2

9:00am - 10:00pm

Day 3

9:00am - 5:00pm
Departure: 5:30pm

1. Food

  • All included and provided: Organic Whole-food meals.
  •  5 Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner on day 2.  Breakfast and lunch on day 3.

2. Accomodations

  • Single Bed:  Private room for yourself ($$$)
  • ​Double Bed: Share a bed & room with a friend or partner ($$)
  • Communal: Our largest room is designed for up to 3 people - 1 single bed and 1 double bed ($)

3. Health  

  • Class:  Learn about the most significant causes of disease and life challenges.
  • ​Customized: We also focus on subject areas of your choice, during the retreat.

4. Regeneration

  • Energy Building: You will learn and practice energy-building exercises such as tai chi, breathwork and chakra balancing, that have a positive-impact on physical and emotional wellbeing.

5. Mindfulness

  • Learn and Practice Meditation: Learn techniques for calming the body and mind, and developing a deeper ability to focus and let-go.

6. Exercise

  • Group Class: Learn and experience the benefits of functional exercise.
  • ​Choose low, moderate, or high intensity movements, or rest if needed.

7. Bodywork

  • Massage or Bodywork: Choose deep tissue massage or more gentle massage, for deep relaxation.

8. Nature

  •  Connection to Nature: Enjoy the large surrounding forest trails, and our pasture-raised animals.

9. Life Coaching

  • Group Sharing: Receive customized guidance for resolving health or life-challenges.
For more information and booking: contact@wheeloflife.ca


  • 6 Persons: $400  per person
  • 5 Persons: $ 450 per person
  • ​3 Persons: $ 600 per person
  • 2 Persons: $ 750 per person
  • Single Person:  $1500
Pricing is CAD. Please add 13% HST