Steps towards cancer-reversal

Focus on yourself and rest in a healing environment away from any distractions and responsibilities.

Find out what is causing your cancer and receive guidance on its reversal through daily coaching sessions with Paul .

Receive bodywork as a support of your healing process.

Everybody is different, and so is their way to a cancer-free life. We customize the retreat program to meet your individual needs.


Personal space in your private bedroom.

Whole-food organic meals.

Large and opened communal space inside the house surrounded by 11,5 acres of pasture and forest .

We are currently rennovating, photos of the new interior are going to be uploaded soon

Connect with Paul and explain your diagnosis, story, and situation. He will help you by providing essential knowledge, and support you in the creation of a plan for healing from within.

Find out if the Wheel of Life residency is the right choice for you.

Phone, online, or in person.

If you are considering a free consultation contact us via contact@wheeloflife.ca
"Spend some time with Paul and you will feel his compassion and his dedication to helping people with cancer. I attended Wheel of Life's Overcome Cancer Residency for two weeks and it was life changing for me. Paul guides people through childhood, family issues and anything else that is holding you back from living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

If I had to do it again, I would visit and learn from Paul as he had a huge and positive impact toward my recovery from cancer.
He's doing something right - he helps people heal from what is making them sick."  -Helen
"What a life-changing experience at Wheel of Life. It was so peaceful there and the meals that Andie so lovingly prepared were exceptional! I never had to worry about food or even drinks for that matter, as something special was being offered usually before I could even ask.

Aside from the lovely getaway, the time spent in Nature, and the awesome time spent making music together, what I appreciated most was the incredible amount of time that Paul spent with me, teaching me so much and giving such good council. 

I came away with a clear understandiNg of what I needed to do to get well, and I'm healing from my cancer now from within. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time with Paul and Andie at Wheel of Life."    - Jayne

"I had give up after 9 years of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. I had stage 4 cancer that was considered 'terminal'. Cancer had spread to my spinal cord, and I was told I'd be in a wheelchair within 2 months and not survive much longer after that. 

  months after I began working with Paul I had gained 30 pounds of my healthy weight back. Now, five years after attending The Overcome Cancer Residency Program and applying all I've learned, I'm happy to say that I am far from being in a wheelchair. My life has completely transformed. Paul, thank you for helping me gain back control of my life."  - Lorna

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer and immediately underwent a double mastectomy. Cancer appeared again a few months later in neighbouring tissues. I was uneasy about both radiation and chemother, however, under advisement of my specialists, I went through radiation (25 treatments in 5 weeks) and took Tamoxifen (chemotherapy) for two months. These treatments were never solving my number one priority: the cause of my cancer, and my cancer was still not gone.
After reading "The Purpose of Cancer", my cancer finally made sense to me.

signed up for Wheel of Life's One Day Workshop, and afterwards, I told Paul I would be interested in coming to the Overcome Cancer Residency.  
The program was a revelation for me. Through life-coaching, self-exploration, meditation, a calm place to be, connection to nature, play and good fun, I felt revived. This place was an oasis of wholeness and goodness. Paul helped me see my life and the events in it that shaped me mentally and emotionally. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest. He also helped me believe that I was the only one that could make the required changes in my life to heal permanently, and he gave me specific direction for those changes.
When I went back home, I kept up with my meditation and used the strategies learned at Wheel of Life to deal with my emotional triggers. I feel empowered, happy, alive, and most of all, cancer-free. I realize now that my cancer helped me grow into a stronger, happier person and now I can be grateful for it.    -Chantal 

Wheel of Life's Surrounding Environment
We provide homegrown organic food in season, and outside of it  we purchase high quality organic food from local sources. 

     Wheel of Life is surrounded by acres of private forest with a variety of wildlife and walking trails.