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Regardless of your starting point, prognosis, or past.

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Educate yourself with the knowledge you need to Transcend Cancer.
Customized guidance for you and your circumstances, to help you succeed in  your healing journey.
Live in an environment that's supports your ability to heal from within, with daily guidance, and much more.  

 Focus on YOU for 2-4 weeks in our live-in, self-healing residency.
Lorna, ON, Canada
"I had given up after years of treatments using chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. I had Stage 4 cancer that was 'terminal'. I was told I'd be in a wheelchair within two months and not survive much longer beyond that.

Now, six years after attending Wheel of Life's Self-Healing Retreat, and applying all I've learned, I'm happy to say that I am far from being in a  wheelchair. I've gained 30 pounds of my healthy weight back and I am cancer-free. My life has transformed. 

Paul - thank you for helping me gain control of my life!"
Chantal, ON, Canada
     "I went to Wheel of Life's Overcome Cancer Residency Program, and it was a revelation for me. Through life-coaching, self-exploration, meditation, a calm place to be, connection to nature, play and good fun, I felt revived. This place was an oasis of wholeness and goodness. 

Now I feel empowered, happy, alive, and most of all, cancer free. I realize now that my cancer helped me grow into a stronger, happier person and now I can be grateful for it." 

See Chantal's full story here
"This was an amazing opportunity to be completely immersed in a whole new way of looking at health and healing. To have such a unique and personalized program was amazing.

Thank you doesn't begin to express my gratitude!"
It's time to Transcend cancer.
The book that's changing lives and history:The Purpose of Cancer Cells
Paul Leendertse is the founder of Wheel of Life and author of the What's in a Tear? Cancer Book Series.

In 2010 he discovered the purpose of cancer cells, and has pioneered the Transcendence of Cancer.

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