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Interview: Resolving the root cause of Cancer with Paul Leendertse

The Formation of The Ego

Interview: Resolving the root cause of Cancer with Paul Leendertse

The History of Cancer

The Formation of The Ego

12 Part Series

Part 1 of 12
Choosing Love

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The Change Process

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Life Challenges

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Relationship Stress

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Healing Self-Devision

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Cancer History

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Changeing Beliefs

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Only Truth Heals

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Creating Meaning

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Carrying Pain

Part 11 of 12
Discovering Yourself & God

Part 12 of 12
Heaven & Hell


Keep your Power

 Be careful not to get distracted from healing by getting lost in a search for a cure, remedy, treatment - some 'thing' to save you.
The belief system around cancer is the deepest reason...

Our bodies don't lie

Pain or any other kind of negative symptom, is our body’s way of communicating with us. It tells us that something is out of balance and needs to be changed in the way we are eating, drinking,, breathing, sleeping or dealing ...

Losing a Loved One

In my experience, it is the latter.
Twelve years ago, I lost two father figures to cancer.
My best friend’s father, Steve Dobias who called me his ‘son’ – died of lung cancer, and then 4 months later my stepfather...

Attacking Cancer?

Humanity learned that when encountering infectious disease,
a treatment that kills the invader is appropriate. This works well  influenza and tuberculosis which are caused by invasive organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Applying the same strategy to cancer...

Outdated Ideas

Traditional ideas about cancer are just that – ideas – but are they really serving us? Ideas can be totally accepted, considered as fact for decades, yet dropped altogether when new, relevant information is discovered. Progress has occurred in this way throughout history....

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Keep your Power

Be careful not to get distracted from healing by getting lost in a search for a cure, remedy, treatment - some 'thing' to save you.
The belief system around cancer is the deepest reason why the rate of cancer only continues to rise , and is now 1 in 2 people. Of the 50% of people who develop cancer, only 50% survive within the 5-years recording period. After 5 years, no-one knows how many people remain cancer-free.

Healing for life - not temporarily - and preventing cancer, is about becoming stronger and stronger through life-choices, and becoming more aware of and capable of fulfilling what u need to fulfill, to be whole.
The body sheds cancer cells naturally when our needs are fulfilled - there is no need to search for anything except your own power which cannot be found until you have gained free-will, and there is a saying:
"You can only have a free choice when you have an informed choice".

here are some things u must know to heal , and to remain cancer free:

1. Your body heals best when u sleep from 10pm to 6 am, and sleep outside these parameters is helpful but is leaving u compromised.

2. Your body is made of water so u must ensure it is hydrated to work properly. If you are not drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day, then u may as well drop everything else u are doing because nothing will work inside your body if u do not have the water on board to process it.

3. You must have time alone each day to heal and to stay healed. If you give your energy OUT all day every day, u are almost destined to build stress in the body over time, to a point where cancer cell growth will be activated. Thus u must LOVE YOURSELF enough to make a goal and achieve it, of being alone and enjoying yourself for at least 20 minutes a day.

4. Resolve the painful relationships in your life - this is too complex to write about, but the stress and pain that often exists in un-growing and un-changing relationships is a massive, massive, MASSIVE factor that is part of the stress that leads to cancer cell growth.
To be cancer-free u must shed yourself of the fear that has resulted from a false beleif about cancer - that it is a cellular error u cant do anyting about except find ways to destroy it. That theory has led to suffering and los that is unimaginable.

To be cancer-free you must gain back your power and your life itself by learning what has never been taught to you or that u have not yet managed to accomplish:
Building a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual reality for yourself that nourishes you from the inside out.
Cancer is a natural survival mechanism our body utilizes when it has no other choice.
Heal yourself!


Our bodies don't lie

Our Body’s don’t lie. Pain or any other kind of negative symptom, is our body’s way of communicating with us. It tells us that something is out of balance and needs to be changed in the way we are eating, drinking, moving, breathing, sleeping or dealing with life challenges.

A drug that gives us relief by blocking the pain message, shuts down our body’s feedback system.
If we want to find out what the cause of our symptoms are, we can - by paying close attention to when those symptoms appear and what they are associated with.
Once the root cause of the problem is identified and addressed, the symptoms disappear because the message was received and balance restored.
This is how our body’s feedback system is naturally designed to work: It protects us from moving out of alignment.
An efficient and inexpensive way to keep track of your symptoms is to write them in a diary. You may very soon discover patterns like “when I eat gluten my stomach is likely to hurt; when I stay up late and watch television I often have a headache the next day; when I spend too much time with a particular person, I feel drained…”
If you need help interpreting the messages behind your symptoms, a good holistic lifestyle coach can be of great benefit.
Ideally, they don’t only work on addressing the root cause of your symptoms – they also guide you through the change process. This is ultimately a personal growth process where you continuously gain independence because you are becoming more in tune with your body, and more in control of your health. If you’ve found a good holistic lifestyle coach, you’ll know because eventually, you will no longer need them.
Holistic Lifestyle Coaches are a dime a dozen today. Someone who has trained with the CHEK Institute is trained in the exact process mentioned above, and so they are likely a good investment.

How to grieve

I want to share how to fully grieve the loss of a loved one, as this is one of the most painful and difficult experiences in life.
Please note that this post may connect to existing pain inside some readers, that is related to struggles in their life-journey.

Here are the steps to grieve fully:

1. Be alone as much as you can. Find some way to be in a place where u will not be interrupted and need not worry about what u say or how intensely you need to express feelings about the loved one you’ve lost.

2. Connect to your lost loved one's spirit, understanding that the spirit never dies... it can't. To do this, simply think of them and you will establish a connection.

3. Pour your heart out. Feel every bit of pain u can manage to bear, and cry as hard as it comes. Be natural - just notice what’s real for you. Pour out the pain. Disregard anything else - be fully present with the pain and release it as it comes.

4. As you cry, when you're ready, start saying your SORRY to the one you loved (and still love). What are u sorry for? Are you sorry for how soon they left their life? Are you sorry for how painful their experience was? How unfair something was? Are you sorry for not doing something u wish u could have done? What are u sorry for about in your relationship with them? Just listen to what comes to you naturally, and say sorry for whatever comes. Do this until you feel you’ve said sorry for all that matters to you.

5. Next, shift to pouring your heart out about what you loved about them: say "THANK YOU for." Did they bring you laughter? Did they teach you something? Was there something they always did that brought you joy? How were they beautiful in your eyes? As before, do this until you feel you’ve given thanks for all that matters to you about them.

6. Next, be angry. Are you angry about anything? Maybe it’s that you don’t feel they should have done something and it was a bad decision, and you warned them? Maybe you are angry about what someone else did to that person you love? Maybe you are angry at yourself? Just be honest about any anger you have inside you which is related. Tell them they shouldn't have done something if that’s what you are angry about. Tell yourself that you should have done things differently if that’s what your truth is. Connect to all the potential anger you can, and express it out.
7. Next, forgive. Everyone does their best all the time with the awareness and strength they have each moment, to do what would be deemed ‘best’. None of us are perfect and if anything we are all far from it. Practice forgiveness. Forgive yourself for whatever you feel needs forgiving, and forgive your loved one for anything they need forgiving for. Forgive everyone involved. If you can't feel authentic about it, work on this and try again in the future.

8. At some point you will feel emptied out and that is the goal - To enter yourself of pain. Once that state of emptiness comes, sit, lay, or collapse into silence. Breathe... surrender... be at one with the now.

9. Next, love yourself. Fill this immense hole that has been left in your heart with your own love. This is a topic too large to write about in a message like this.

10. Check with yourself about how you feel if you attempt to say ‘GOODBYE’ to the one you loved. Can you? Or does it hurt too much? If you can’t, take a break from it all. You've now made progress. Go back to life however you can, and when it feels right again, repeat this entire process. Each time the process will hurt less and less. Eventually, when you are genuinely ready, connect to your loved one in spirit and say ‘goodbye’.

11. From the very beginning of the loss experience, open yourself as soon as you can to the possible (which spiritually, is guaranteed to be the case) gifts this immensely important soul that u have now lost has given you in the spiritually chosen timing of their death. Find the purpose in it - it is valuable, extremely. What has it taught you? How can you live your life differently now that will be an improvement for you and others? Meditate on it… look for the gifts and find them.

12. Live your life-dream. Use their death to motivate you to live your life better in some way, wiser, stronger. A true life-dream is one that utilizes your natural gifts and passions and somehow makes those gifts and talents flow out to the world in a way that you enjoy, and then too, those that are on the receiving end. This is how the world becomes more beautiful - when we build a life-dream that feels meaningful and feels good in our heart because of how it impacts us and everyone else.

13. The feeling of pain lessens with time and processing, and it will likely take several “sessions” alone as I have described, before the pain is healed. To check in with how much healing you’ve accomplished, notice how much emotional pain rises up (or not) when you remmember your lost loved one in some way, such as talking about them, looking at a picture of them, or having a memory triggered. When you are silent inside yourself about them when reminders like this happen, and you notice there is no pain rising anymore, you can then start celebrating them, and feel happy about the spirit they were, in your life.

With love,
Paul Leendertse

Loosing a Loved One

You may wonder about my biological father - he died of pancreatic cancer when I was 12.
I won’t bother emphasizing the pain of this, because until you lose someone to cancer, you’ll never really know on a feeling level how painful it really is. I don’t wish that for anyone.
However, aside from the immense pain I experienced when both of my remaining father-figures died, something special happened for me.
Through that painful experience I was exposed to something – or rather, something was revealed to me – that would one day lead me to working with cancer patients.
Both of these father-figures tried everything they could to heal. They were loved so much by so many people around them. Everyone wanted them to heal, and they were both open- minded. They were open to using traditional approaches to cancer and they were open to using alternative approaches.
Both tried as many alternative methods of healing they could find, and both also tried traditional treatments – one used chemotherapy, the other used radiation.
Both died.
The pain of loss was unbearable: The pain of them being gone forever, and on top of that the pain of knowing what they went through in their battle with cancer. The process by which someone slowly dies of cancer is one of the most scary, painful, and horrible experiences I think a human being can have or witness.
As I suffered with the pain of these losses I could not get something out of my head: I kept thinking that something must be wrong with the very theory of what cancer is. How could nothing have worked – we tried everything!
Every doctor we worked with tried to destroy their cancer in every way they knew how. Every alternative source we found also tried to destroy their cancer with what they knew. We as a family tried to boost their immune system with every lifestyle factor we could employ, so that their immune system would hopefully destroy their cancer…
None of that worked, and they died.
My mind kept screaming inside “something is wrong with the theory of what cancer is!”
“something is wrong with the theory of what cancer is!”
As time went by a question arose in my mind: “What if cancer has some kind of purpose in the body?” What if, by understanding that purpose, and responding to cancer with that understanding in mind, cancer could disappear just as it appeared in the first place?
Fast forward to now – 12 years later.
Today, after working with many cancer patients 1 on 1 for days or weeks at a time, I’ve come to learn that cancer shows up ONLY when chronic stress has accumulated in a person’s body. In fact, it is chronic stress that triggers the development of cancer cells – not a cellular error. That is the first leap to make in our belief system and our strength to pursue the truth about cancer. When that stress is truly resolved, cancer cells disappear.
This is why I know that the second kind of pain is worse than the first.
It’s more painful to learn - after someone that you loved has already died - that there may have been a way for them to heal. The more real that potential reality is – that they may have been able to heal – the worse the pain.
This pain arose for me when I realized I could help people reverse their cancer. Once I had really come to understand what cancer is and how to gain control over it, I had to face the pain – and learn how to heal it - that there really may have been a way to save the two father-figures in my life, if only I had known, or they had known, back then.
There may have been a way…
That is immensely painful.
It has led me to learn that there is a process of grieving that helps shed that pain.
It has led me to many beautiful discoveries and progressions in my own journey.
Today I thank my father-figures for the loss and pain they exposed me to with their departure – which led me to something valuable and meaningful that I would not have discovered any other way.
I thank them for entering into the realm of cancer and showing me what doesn’t work. They protected me in a way… because back then, I did not understand cancer myself, and if I ever developed cancer I can’t say for sure whether I’d have followed in their footsteps or not… One thing I have learned is that when you run out of options, you’ll do whatever it takes if there’s a chance it can save you.
I thanked them for creating immense motivation for me to accomplish something valuable in my life. Their loss put me on a meaningful path.
Today the rate of cancer has risen to 1 in 2 people, and based on 5-year survival statistics, 50% of everyone who develops cancer dies despite using treatments.
The amount of pain people are experiencing world-wide related to cancer is unfathomable.
Possibly the most important part of grieving successfully is to search for and find a reason to build your own life-dream as a result of your experience with cancer. You can allow cancer to motivate you, to spark an energy inside you that gives you a reason to live that is far beyond money, sex, or power. You can take the fear or pain and transform it – as you’re able – into something meaningful to you.
Find a way to allow the experience to change you in a positive way. At this point, for some readers, you may think it’s absurd to somehow take the pain of loss of a loved one and transform it into something that has value. That is understandable. The process of grieving is too complicated to explain here in full – but if you want to learn more about it, I have another post on grieving you can read called "How to Grieve".
The illusion of the answer to cancer is to try to solve the problem with force – trying to destroy the problem. Cancer often comes back for people even after its been destroyed, because the root of the problem has not been resolved. The focus has been on destruction rather than transformation. The focus has been on winning a battle rather than looking into one’s heart and following the advice it’s giving… The focus is on survival rather than focusing on finding a way to begin thriving in a new way of living that nourishes you in all the ways you need it to, and deserve.
After all I’ve experienced, I can tell you that if you are going to heal from cancer, you absolutely must include in your strategy finding a way to resolve whatever in your life is damaging you from the inside out – even if you buried that pain long ago.
If you can somehow have the courage to face all that encompasses cancer, then you may very well find yourself in the future looking back at your experience with cancer – whether it was your own diagnosis or that of someone you loved – now able to see purpose in it, and value despite pain, because it led to positive change for you.
If you have cancer, know someone who has cancer, or have suffered loss associated with cancer, I wish one thing for you:
You find a way to begin loving yourself (which is most important), as well as others and the world at large, more than you were capable of in the past.
If you can make progress with that – even a little – in my opinion, you’re not only helping yourself, your helping solve the seemingly unsolvable: cancer.

Attack Cancer?

Humanity learned that when encountering infectious disease,
 a treatment that kills the invader is appropriate. This works well influenza and tuberculosis which are caused by invasive organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Applying the same strategy to cancer has not had the same benefits.
The only way to effectively address chronic disease for lasting results is by identifying and addressing more complex factors in a person’s life. Chronic disease must be healed from within. Healing from within, or ‘self-healing’, cannot be accomplished through some outside force. The requirements for self-healing however, are far beyond the basic common recommendations for health, such as: “Get lots of exercise and eat healthy.”

Outdated Ideas

Traditional ideas about cancer are just that – ideas – but are they really serving us?

 Ideas can be totally accepted, considered as fact for decades, yet dropped altogether when new, relevant information is discovered. Progress has occurred in this way throughout history.

Today doctors wouldn’t be caught dead recommending their patients take up smoking yet consider this advertisement for cigarettes from just a few decades ago. 
Thus, it is always important that we remain open to new ideas, so that we can change when change is needed.