Healing Our Shadow To Heal Ourselves
The foundation of the journey of transcending cancer is the journey of building the courage and strength to 'bring light to our shadow' - a rising in self-love.

A black panther can 'see into the shadows' where normal vision cannot see. The black panther is one of the most important spirit animals in allowing the prevention and healing of cancer.

We are all born into a world of shadows in psychological terms - we take on aspects of "darkness" when we initially enter this world. Hence, we may think certain food is good to eat only to find out its not supportive of our health, longterm, and can even be poisonous (such as refined sugar).
We may think certain behaviours are right or wrong in others... only to discover an aspect of that precise behaviour lies within our very self. We may think we know God only to find out some of the apparent "leaders of Godliness and worship" are in so much pain and darkness, they molest children. We are born and form a plan from without, that we may think causes health and happiness, longterm, only to discover our happiness and health is not lasting. 

We are indoctrinated with a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual (PMES) 'self' that appears to be the real 'us', but as we enter the spiritual path of healing from within, we begin discovering our "real self" - our 'second birth' begins. We begin to form a life-plan that originates from within.

Our second birth is the birth of our real self - it is the birth needed for having a cancer-free life or reversing cancer if we have developed it.

In our second birth we look into the shadows of ourselves, investigating what part of our PMES self is not supporting our dream of being happy, healthy, fulfilled, and at peace with ourselvse and our life. We look to see what's causing cancer cells to develop if we've been diagnosed with cancer.

As we look within to prevent cancer or to heal, we are able to dismantle our PMES self and rebuild it consciously, with awareness and love. This is the ultimate undertaking of the human journey - to let our apparent 'self' go, and grab on to our real self, but looking into the shadows can be  the most frightening life-challenge we may ever face.

We may realize that the way we eat is damaging us even though mainstream society, even our friends and family, eat that way. We may realize that we are caught in judgment towards ourself and others and have only had the eyes to see part of the whole picture, but not the Truth. We may realize that we have been loving everyone but ourselves. We may realize that many of the beliefs we have always held are not of our own conscious choosing, and do not support our ability to remain healthy and happy. We may realize that we have fears that are holding us back because we are holding on to those fears. 

Ultimately, once we make it through our shadows we realize the one thing we really need to live for is our personal dream. Our personal dream allows us to put our life-force energy into something that pays us back in positive ways, because it fills us with passion, inspiration, and joy, and is dependent on no-one but ourselves. Our personal dream brings meaning and purpose to our lives - we matter in a very real way to existence itself. Focusing on our personal dream allows our body to heal and stay healthy. 

To end cancer we must begin doing what 99% of the human race has NOT been focusing on for the entire history of the war on cancer - we must drop a war against ANYTHING. War inevitably leads to war...

Black panther helps us have the strength to see into our shadows so we can bring light to the darkness that has made us vulnerable to our body's last-resort survival mechansim - cancer cells. Bringing light to our shadows is bringing love to ourselves.

Only love heals, thus we must build it up from within.
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