Wheel of Life guides people through the process of healing from within.

Wheel of Life guides people through the process of healing from within.

Paul Leendertse
Founder of Wheel of Life's Health Center 

Work with Cancer:
Before writing the cancer book series "What's in a Tear?" which begins with book one: The Purpose of Cancer, Paul practiced as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach for 10 years.  He helped clients resolve a wide variety of health challenges ranging from migraines, depression/anxiety, skin disorders, weight gain, chronic pain, and more.

Paul eventually found himself with a client on his doorstep who had stage 4 cancer (thought to be terminal) who had nothing else to lose but see if Paul could help. That client was Paul's first client to reverse their cancer - who is cancer-free today (now, seven years later).

From there, Paul began focusing heavily on helping people reverse their cancer. 

Paul has had the rare opportunity to work with stage 3 and 4 cancer patients in his One-Month Overcome Cancer Residency Program. He has gained tremendous wisdom helping people access their innate ability to heal from within, and has witnessed a high percentage of his clients (90%) reverse their cancer.

When Paul is not working with clients, he focuses on lecturing and developing courses to teach others his revolutionary discovery of what cancer is and how to prevent it, or reverse it.

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Honours Degree in Kinesiology - University of Waterloo, ON, Canada

Certified Kinesiologist (Former)

CHEK Professional:
Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3
CHEK Practitioner Level 3

Paul's Discovery About Cancer - A Paradigm Shift

The experience of having close friends and family members die of cancer just months apart from each other - despite using a wide range of modalities in both traditional and alternative protocols for combatting cancer - made me realize that something was missing in the mainstream understanding of cancer.

I realized there was a possibility that cancer may not be a random mutated cell, but rather, it could have a purpose. My new mindset, along with a tremendous amount of personal research into cancer and especially healing from within, led me to a confirmation: cancer is not caused by a cellular error and it indeed has a purpose: it is a last-resort survival mechanism our body uses to cope with the accumulation of internalized chronic stress. Thus, cancer's root cause is different for each individual. By understanding this, a person's cancer can be reversed by resolving their unique root-cause.

My theory became fact as I began working 1on1 with stage 3 and 4 cancer patients - who reversed their cancer without trying to destroy cancer cells. Before working with me on cancers reversal, they - just like my family in the past who tried everything to destroy their cancer but nothing worked longterm - so too did the clients who found me. They had nothing to lose because they were told they'd surely die - so they tried my process of cancer reversal. After seeing several clients tumours shrink and disappear in a matter of weeks, I developed the 1-month Overcome Cancer Residency and committed my life to this discovery about cancer.

My dream is that the world will learn what cancer really is, so that we can each have control over its development. By gaining full control over cancer, the human journey will be less riddled with pain.
Paul is a pioneer, inventor, and 'outside of the box thinker', which has led to his discovery of the purpose of cancer and how to prevent or reverse cancer, which is taught in his books, audio programs, and the Overcome Cancer Residency.
What's in a Tear? cancer book series, starting with Book 1: The Purpose of Cancer Cells.

Paul has spoken at the Whole Life Expo in Toronto, Canada, the Cure to Cancer conference in California, and more.