Wheel of Life guides people through the process of healing from within.

Wheel of Life guides people through their process of healing from within.

Paul Leendertse
Founder of Wheel of Life 

Work with Cancer:
Before authoring  "The Root Cause of Cancer - How to Begin Healing from Within", Paul practiced as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach for 10 years helping clients resolve a variety of health challenges. Eight years ago, he began working with cancer patients who had 'terminal' cancer. 

Pauls first client is still cancer-free today, along with many others. Working with Paul, clients dramatically reverse their cancer by learning the root cause of their particular cancer and what changes they need to make, to reverse it.

Paul has now had the rare opportunity to work 1on1 with stage 3 and 4 cancer patients for 30 days at a time in his Reverse Cancer Residency. Their commitment to self-healing has helped Paul gain tremendous wisdom in the process of healing from within.

His theory about cancer being caused by an accumulation of chronic stress in the body has become fact, at least for him and his clients - 90% of his clients have reversed their cancer in his residency program by devoting themselves to a process of positive life-transformation. 

Paul does not heal or cure people - his very teachings are that the only way a person can heal longterm,  is through their own self-healing process. Paul teaches that process. His clients are supported by Wheel of Life's team in the 21-day Transcend Cancer Residency.

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BSc Kinesiology - University of Waterloo, ON, Canada

CHEK Practitioner Level 3
Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3

Author of The Purpose of Cancer Cells

Aria Konrad
Co-Founder of Wheel of Life
Throughout my life I've noticed disconnection amongst people - especially in our western society - not only from one another, but from themselves. I was one of them.

I was unhappy, unsatisfied with my life and had severe health challenges.  I tried a wide range of different approaches to healing but nothing seemed to make a difference. Only when I began turning my consciousness inwards, spending time alone, shedding beliefs that were not serving me and connecting deeply to my heart, I started healing. I did not only gain back my health - I found happiness, freedom and peace.

It's near to my heart to support others along their path of reconnection and healing from within. Through bodywork, meditation, and breathwork, I help connect clients to their inner truth and bring them closer to a state of wholeness and authenticity.

My role at Wheel of Life is to help you feel at home, provide meals and support in your self-healing.


Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2

Yoga Instructor 
Bodyworker Spa & Wellness
Planetary Massage Practitioner

Cancer Documentary
Paul was interviewed for the documentary "The Integrative Perspective"
Book: The Root Cause of Cancer
Paul authored the Book: 
The Root Cause of Cancer
 How to begin Healing from within.
Paul has spoken at the Whole Life Expo in Toronto, Canada, the Cure to Cancer conference in California, and more.